About Us

Magnumus, with its branches in Croatia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus, successfully cooperates with international and national non-profit humanitarian organizations by providing donation collection services.

We are experienced experts in direct marketing and sales. Our mission is to increase sales and be a bridge between you and your customers. Our vision is to become a leader in the field of acquisition and retention of satisfied customers.

Over the course of 5 years, through 4 countries and 6 cities, we have successfully recruited and educated over 5 hundred sales representatives and provided over 50 thousand permanent donations to companies and citizens with a total value of donations over 10 million euro.

Our goal is the acquisition and maintenance of donors, growth in the number and quality of donations, greater visibility of non-profit organizations and their programs, and a high return on investment through direct sales channels.

Our Services:

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Face to face marketing

as part of direct marketing will offer you great visibility in a short time. Just as word of mouth is still the best advertisement, so is the personal contact that F2F allows us to reach a potential customer.

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Door to door marketing

channel is fundamentally similar to the Face to face channel. What sets it apart is that it is much more intimate in itself because it enters the private space of a potential donor.

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campaigns are regularly used to attract new customers as well as maintain existing ones.

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Customer maintenance and support campaigns

we will implement using Direct Mail, Newsletter, Telemarketing, SMS as well as creating a customer database.

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Sales education

helps you respond to the need for growing and further develop your business. In order to respond to the growth in the number of customers, successfully implement new sales skills, know how to maintain your customers and to use all direct sales channels, we will prepare procedures and instructions for you in order to improve sales.